Website Performance Audit

A website performance audit will uncover security flaws, non-compliance issues, performance problems and SEO roadblocks.

Make sure your website is working for your business 24/7 to attract customers and generate sales.

Specialist Services

  • Is your website optimised for search engines?

  • Are you missing out on free traffic through simple errors in the design, structure or content of your site?

  • Confused about what’s needed to get your website ranking?

  • Need a plan to outrank your competitor?

We dispel the myths about SEO and help get your website in shape for Google and Bing to maximise organic (free) traffic. Up your Google Quality Score, improve your authority ranking and eliminate the barriers to maximising traffic to your site. Get your website working 24/7 and make sure you are getting free traffic before you start paying for it…

  • When did you last get an independent expert review of your website?

  • Is your content engaging your target audience?

  • Can users find what they need and take the action you want?

  • Are there hidden technical problems – broken links, 404 errors, large image files, missing tags?

  • Are you sure your site is optimised for mobile?

  • Is your site compliant with regulations in your sector?

Get a comprehensive audit of your website with an action list of items you can take your designer/developer to resolve to ensure your site is working at its best for your business.

Understand how users experience your site and eliminate barriers to a smooth customer journey.

  • Is Social Media working for your business?

  • How much time and budget should you invest in Social Media?

  • Have you outsourced social media marketing and now wonder if you are getting value and ROI?

  • Have you ignored social media while your competitors have embraced it? Want to know who is right?

We can advise on your Social Media presence, how it fits into your marketing mix and what channels (if any) you should be focussing on.

Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, G+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. – can be a good way to extend your reach to new potential customers or enhance your brand, but it also comes at a price.

The ROI for your social media marketing efforts needs to be measured in the same way as any other business activity.

Marketing companies will tell you that you ‘must’ be posting on Facebook or Twitter, or that you ‘must’ be producing video or be active on whatever the latest social media channel is.

We can give you a reality check about social media, whether it is worthwhile for your sector or your particular business, and if there are other sales or marketing activities that should be taking a higher priority.

  • How do you stack up against the competition?

  • Do you know who your real competitors are?

  • What are they doing that is producing better results than you are getting? 

  • What could you do to gain a competitive edge over your rivals?

To succeed in business, you don’t have to be the best – you just have to be better than most of your competitors. Benchmarking your online assets and performance against the competition gives you a realistic assessment of where you stand in relation to your rivals in your sector. It identifies the good, bad and indifferent of your own activities and performance – giving you a real insight into the areas you should focus on for success.

Benchmarking also highlights areas of best practice and clever marketing that you could also take advantage of and perhaps improve.

It will also shine the spotlight on areas of weakness that could be exploited for competitive advantage.

For more information about our benchmarking service and reports

  • Will the General Data Protection Regulations affect my business?

  • What steps do we need to take to comply?

  • Do we need a Data Protection Officer?

  • What happens if we experience loss of personal information?

  • What’s a Subject Access Request and how do we handle it?

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) come into force in May 2018 and anyone who collects, stores or processes personal data from EU citizens will be required to comply.

GDPR is the EU’s attempt to harmonise data protection regulations throughout the EU. It imposes a strict data protection compliance regime for organisations with penalties of up to 4% of worldwide turnover for breaches of the rules.

To find out how GDPR will impact on your business, what action you need to take to comply and how businesses can use GDPR to gain competitive advantage and engage with customers, see our dedicated GDPR pages or call to speak to an expert.

  • Do you know what return you are getting from your online advertising?

  • Have you tried advertising online but been unable to generate the results that were promised?

  • Are you struggling to manage online ad campaigns along with all the other demands of your marketing efforts?

  • Do you need help with planning and executing your online advertising strategy?

We can help with search and display ads across multiple channels including search, social media and specialist media channels.

Well planned campaigns integrated with your marketing and business strategy help you achieve your objectives while getting the best value for your spend.

To see if we can help you get more from your online advertising, call 0203 8908251 for a quick discussion.

  • Unsure if you are achieving all you can with your current ICT assets?

  • Worried that you are missing out on new technology that could be improving productivity and efficiency in your business?

  • Uncertain where your ICT budget should be focussed to achieve your business objectives?

  • Are cloud solutions right for your business?

  • Security or compliance concerns?

With our unique technical expertise combined with commercial acumen, we can quickly assess what you have, what you need and the equipment and applications that can best support your strategic objectives – within your budget allocation.

Our ICT Audit service gives an expert assessment and unbiased, vendor-independent advice.