About Trade IT

Trade IT takes a different approach to technology.

We help you make best use of technology to run your business faster and more efficiently –  fulfilling your strategic objectives and driving bottom line profits.

We are technocrats, but we are also business people. Your expertise is in running your business; ours is in identifying the systems, tools and technologies that can help you run your business better.

First we analyse your systems and processes.
Then we simplify and streamline to optimise.
Finally we automate where appropriate.

We have expertise; we have experience; we know how to help.

These are some of the questions we can answer:

Cloud Computing

– Office 365 or G Suite (or something else)?
– Should we use a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?
– Is the cloud safe for my business?
– How do we migrate to the cloud?
– How to we get everything back in house?

Networks & Comms

– Will IP telephony work for my business? What are the real costs and potential savings?
– What is unified communications and what does it mean for my business?
– What’s the best way to handle remote working?
– How do we manage bandwidth usage?
– How can we keep our network secure?
– How can we improve WiFi performance?
– What is the best mobile package for our business?

Sales & Marketing

– What’s the best CRM solution for my business?
– What is the best autoresponder?
– How do I know my emails are being delivered?
– How do I get my mail server un-blacklisted?
– What are the best tools for creating a survey?
– When are surveys worthwhile?
– How do we generate revenue through an affiliate marketing programme?
– What marketing technologies are relevant to our business?

Web & Social Media

– Why has my web traffic dropped?
– How do I improve my conversions?
– Which Social Media channels will yield the best results for my business?
– Is it worth advertising on Google/Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/YouTube?
– Do we need to be on Instagram?
– How do we get videos made?
– Should we outsource our social media marketing?
– How do we get more value from our website?
– How do we get more organic traffic to our website?
– The relationship with our web designer/developer has broken down – what can we do?

Security & Compliance

– How do we keep our data safe?
– Are we GDPR compliant?
– Do we need to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)?
– What’s the best way to handle Subject Access Requests (SARs)?
– Do we need a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?
– How do we handle a data breach?
– What will the Information Commissioners Office want to know if we have suffered a data breach?
– What are SPF, DKIM and DMARC and what do we have to do about it?
– Can we monitor employees computer usage?
– Can we insure against data loss?
– How do we audit our suppliers?
– We think an employee is stealing our data. What can we do?
– How do we deal with a Ransomware attack?
– How do we control use of personal devices?
– How do we backup cloud data? Do we need to bother?
– Can you help with business continuity planning?
– How do we allow suppliers to access our systems without compromising security?
– What do we need to do when an employee leaves?


– How do we get people to work together in teams?
– Are our processes as efficient as they could be?
– What do we need to do for people to work securely from home?
– How do we keep our sales teams/field service teams engaged?
– Which personal productivity tools actually make a difference?
– Slack or Microsoft Teams? Of something else?
– How do we measure performance?
– How much time should we spend on training?
– What are the best tools for training?

Cost Saving

– Where should we prioritise our IT budget spend for best value/ROI?
– How can we save on print and consumable costs?
– How do we get the best value when purchasing hardware?
– What is the best way to manage our software subscriptions?
– Are our mobile phones on the best value deal?
– Would IP telephony work for our organisation?
– Do we have the right sort of Microsoft licenses?
– How do we control shadow IT?
– What’s the best way to manage our inventory?
– How often should we replace/upgrade laptops and desktops?
– What’s the best tool for managing expenses?
– How do we get a handle on our travel costs?
– We have a quote for equipment/software/support/development – are we being ripped off?

If you have questions like this, why not get in touch? Fill in the contact form on the right and we’ll get right back to you.

We won’t give you hype or hyperbole – just practical advice and working solutions.

And if we can’t help, we probably know someone who can.

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