Website Performance Audit

Do you want a website that just works or one that performs for your business?

Make sure your site is running at top speed

A website performance audit will uncover security flaws, non-compliance issues, performance problems and SEO roadblocks. If your website doesn’t load quickly – especially on mobile, you are losing traffic, leads, customers and sales.

Professional Performance Audit

The Trade IT Professional Website Performance Audit includes a full SEO analysis and you will get a 20+ page report including a comprehensive action plan with the steps required to optimise your website.
All audits are conducted by experienced technical consultants – these aren’t boilerplate reports with a logo pinned on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more about our Website Performance Audit? Check out our FAQs – if these don’t answer your query, just get in touch by email or telephone.

Why would I need a performance audit for my site?

Few websites are configured for optimal performance. That means you are missing out on traffic and losing visitors if/when they do arrive.

If you are spending money on social media, advertising and creating compelling content to drive traffic to your website, you will be wasting a good portion of that spend if your website isn’t working as well as it should.

A performance audit identifies problems with your site and gives you a clear plan to improve performance, up your search engine quality index and maximise organic traffic.

Will I get more traffic and conversions?

If you implement the steps in the action plan you will get with your Website Performance Audit, your site will have an improved search engine quality score and you will get an increase in organic search traffic over time.

You will also lose less paid traffic and you should see an improvement in conversions.

Your future marketing spend on social media, content creation and paid ad campaigns will all be more effective as you will be driving traffic to a site that is optimised for visitors.

Couldn’t I get my web designer to do this?

Web designers are experts in design, not performance. A performance audit of your website will uncover any serious security flaws, non-compliance issues, speed problems and SEO roadblocks.

Our consultants use their own technical expertise along with a suite of specialist tools to provide a forensic examination of your site.

We give you the hard numbers and independent, objective advice that you will only get from external experts.

If your in house team or external web designer doesn’t have the expertise to resolve all the issues identified, we can work with them to get your site working at its best.

You have already made a considerable investment in your website – why not make sure you are getting the best possible return on your investment?

We’ve just launched our new website, why would I need a performance audit?

Your new website might look great to you, but do your know how it performs for your target customer? How fast does it load on a slow mobile connection? Do you have links in the wild that are pointing to addresses on the old site that no longer exist? Did you think about redirects or maintaining an addressing scheme to accommodate this traffic? When web projects are being delivered, there is often a rush to meet deadlines and often details will be missed. There tends to be a focus on getting the look right to deliver to the client, but there are often hidden performance issues that will hit your visibility, traffic and conversion rates. There’s no point in having a pretty website if it isn’t performing for your business. If you have just launched your new site, now is a perfect time to get a performance audit to make sure your new presence can deliver ROI.

Our website is doing ok – why do we need an audit?

So you are getting traffic, leads and/or sales through your website and it is profitable. So wouldn’t you want more traffic, more leads and more sales? If parts of your website aren’t working as they should, you are missing out on leads and sales that you’ve already paid for – and you don’t even know about it. Fix the leaks and stop leaving money on the table. And BTW – those visitors you are losing are going somewhere else. Do you really want your potential customers heading for your competitors because your website isn’t working as well as it should?

Get an audit, know where you stand, fix the issues and reap the rewards.

If you don’t think your website can be improved – send us your website address and we’ll get back to you with at least one problem to resolve – for free.

We don’t have much in house expertise – won’t this be too technical?

Of course there is some technical complexity to the optimal structure of websites, their security and their performance in search. However, many of the issues flagged up by a performance audit will be simple fixes that you or your web designer or managed service provider can resolve. Often 80-90% of website issues identified by an audit can be resolved in days.

For more complex issues, we can work with your third party service providers or directly with you to get your website working at its best.

Many business owners know they have issues with their website, but they get put in the ‘too hard’ box as there are other pressing business matters to deal with.

Don’t make this mistake – fix it now and reap the benefits for years to come!

How long will it take?

For a Standard Website Performance Audit we aim to turnaround your report within 2-3 working days.

The Professional Website Performance Audit requires additional analysis and reporting and typically takes 3-5 working days. The time taken will depend on a number of factors, including the complexity of the site and workload of our analysts.

A Competitor Benchmarking Performance Audit typically takes 7-10 working days. This includes a full Professional Website Performance Audit for your organisation, plus benchmarking against selected KPIs for up to 4 competitors.

We also offer bespoke analysis and auditing services – get in touch if you want to discuss specific areas of interest.

How often should we audit our website?

How often you need to run a Website Performance Audit on your website depends on your business model.

If your site is a brochure site providing information about your company and promoting your brand, an annual check might be all you required to make sure it is in optimal condition.

However, if your site is a publication site reliant on advertising or an ecommerce site selling directly off the page, you will want to keep a close eye on your sites’ performance and you will want to audit it more frequently.

In these cases, a quarterly or even monthly audit may be justified. Regular Website Performance Audits can give you useful historical data to gauge effectiveness of site changes/improvements over time.

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