This is an example of a published Mindmeister mind map. This is a public map that demonstrates some features of Mindmeister and includes links to training videos and other resources. What better way to learn Mindmeister than with a mind map! You can publish Mindmeister mind maps on the Mindmeister site and/or embed the map on your own website. This is a great way to include dynamic content on your site. Whenever you update the mind map, the latest version is automatically displayed on your site. Read more about the benefits of mind mapping with Mindmeister in this post.

This is an example of a published Mindmeister mind map. The mind map was the basis for a mobile handset configuration guide from which the IT department developed a checklist and instructions to ensure that all company mobile devices were correctly configured and secured. By starting the process with a high level mind map involving various stakeholders, all the required elements were quickly brought together and the detailed checklists and instructions could be started.
This mindmeister mind map is a template for a company analysis. This might be the basis of a report for a potential acquisition, a competitor analysis or a benchmarking exercise. The map helps to ensure that all the key elements are covered and it is periodically reviewed by different stakeholders.

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