Remember when they said no-one would have to travel to meetings because we’d all be using video conferencing?

You would think by now that VC equipment would be so good that we’d all be comfortable meeting remotely, but the truth is that the experience has never been great. Unless you have access to hugely expensive VC kit, most virtual meetings are a bit rubbish; they are certainly not a patch on the real thing!

However, kit like Owl Labs 360 degree camera with automatic speaker focus is changing the remote meeting experience for the better.


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Mind Maps

With simple setup for the meeting room and a great experience for remote attendees, finally we are getting to the stage where remote teams will be able to have much more productive meetings. With a much better user experience, many who have previously avoided remote meetings will now feel more comfortable and it will be much easier to get disparate teams working together effectively.

With wider access to fast broadband connections at work and at home and simple to use equipment like the Owl Labs 360 degree camera, it’s likely that there will be more meetings with remote attendees, less travel and more flexible working.

That’s good for business, good for employees and good for the environment.



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